Zedd’s Echo Tour San Francisco

by | Oct 21, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Big, bad and bold

At this point, fans of EDM should know who Zedd is, and even those who don’t listen to EDM ought to know the artist behind Clarity and Get Low. However, few managed to get tickets to his sold-out Oct. 8th show at Bill Graham.

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, the Bill Graham upped its security, having metal detectors and more stringent pat-downs. This, personally, made me feel a lot safer at the venue. I made it into the venue just in time to catch the end of Grey, who dropped an amazing remix of one of my favorite song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. The duo was a fantastic opener who are also known for their Zedd collaboration track – Starving.

I’ve seen Zedd twice now since EDC LV 2017, but his solo show was just mind-blowing. The visuals were beyond beautiful and even with a back seat view, I was captivated by the elaborate choice of colors, lasers and timely changes. It was the only thing that I could focus on, despite being surrounded by thousands of people.

Zedd is arguably one of the best music producers, and his show proved it. Every drop was perfectly timed, the transitions were seamless and every song was carefully chosen to toy with the listener’s emotions. There was a perfect blend of originals, remixes, old songs and new ones. Every aspect of the show was amazing, and it was a showcase of his passion and musical ability.

-Mary Pham