Fresno – Wilded at Zoo-Tronic

by | Sep 1, 2016 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Fresno Trance Family – Thank you for the love

After experiencing Dreamstate by Insomniac, an all trance line-up in Southern California and San Francisco, I was introduced to so many new artists of that genre which I felt in love with and I wanted more.  So I decided to go on a lookout for new shows.  Upon my task, I came across this trance show a little over 200 miles away north of Los Angeles and so I called for a “Road Trip” with my Trance Family.

On August 13th, 2016, Zoo-Tronic hosted by K-Lin Production took place at the historical Rainbow Ballroom, Fresno, CA where legendary names have made a stop from Carlos Santana to Tina Turner and prominent name like Steve Aoki in the Electronic Dance Music scene. Being that it was my first time at a K-Lin event, I did not know what to expect other than great music brought by Photographer, Thrillseekers and Standerwick, which I came and drove up for. We arrived a

Photo by Lucid Absynth

couple hours late and missed the first few artists which I really wanted to see. Upon our arrival, Elyzia was on and playing the classic “Sun and Moon” by Above and Beyond and everyone around me was singing to the tune, ” …You are the sun and moon to me, I’ll never get over you…”. It was such a beautiful moment with goose bumps permeating thru my body.

One of my favorite moment was Standerwick, who I have seen about five times within the last two years and every time his sets never disappoint, an upbeat hard 138 bpm that gets your blood flowing at especially when he played “All of us” featuring Jennifer Rene; the feeling was surreal and I sang every words.

Photo by Karttie

The set up on the stage was perfect to the point where you could walk up and feel really close to the artist and still had a clear sound, no rumbling of the bass throbbing off your ear drums.  The clarity of the music was perfect from any standing point within the venue. They surrounded the artists with three beautiful Go-Go dancers who just knew how to artistically move on point with some visual effects on large LED screens, lasers and moving lights for our entertainment enhancement.  Dancing space were adequate for shufflers, the ones that swagged side to

side and the ones that reached up, touched the sky and felt every moment.

The best part which made our trip worth it, was the atmosphere and the locals.  I have never felt so much love and warm welcoming. I have been to so many events in different cities within the last three years and there are clearly differences in the love and culture for the trance scene, but the two times I came up to Fresno it was nothing but love and open arms.  They are truly great host. I will definitely have to come back up once again.  See you at the next one, my Fresno Trance Family.

-Karttie Wahoff

CLICK HERE  for pics of the event courtesy of K-LIN & Lucid Absynth