Vibration – Kaleena Zanders + Shift K3Y

by Feb 4, 2023MUSIC, Past music

Kaleena Zanders teams up with Shift K3Y…

on the new track, “V I B R A T I O N,” out via Helix Records. Out of the gate, “V I B R A T I O N” is a rich, electrifying dance track ready for the club. The awe-inspiring power of Kaleena‘s vocals combined with lyrics like “Gotta work to find the frequency / It’s calling out for you and me,” are a resounding call to move our bodies on the dancefloor. Kaleena’s lyrics comes from a place of healing, empowering and uplifting us the way only rare artists can. Kaleena said that the message of the song is “exactly what I want to put out into the world.”

“V I B R A T I O N” comes on the heels of previous single “ME WITHOUT U,” which helped solidify Kaleena Zanders as a consistent creator of irresistible self-described “gospel house” tracks.  On “V I B R A T I O N,” Kaleena’s collaborative spirit shines through, working with Shift K3Y and Alex Mills. Kaleena says, “Through the years by way of my good friend AC SLATER, I got to know Shift K3Y and he’s one of the most smoothest, tender and talented dudes in the game.” On working with Alex Mills, Kaleena said: “We had loads of laughs and fun little kid like moments that made everyone comfortable to create.”

Shift K3Y adds: “Kaleena’s undeniable vocal talent was the first quality I noticed when listening to her music. We met along with Alex Mills and decided to try a few different ideas. ‘V I B R A T I O N’ was our favorite song we wrote on that day, and provided us with an infectious energy that everyone else has been resonating with.”