Trip In Silence EP – Triceradrops

by Jul 12, 2020Past music

Triceradrops world of Psychedelic

One of the most talented US artist to come through the psytrance scene in recent years is LA based producer Triceradrops. What sets him aside is a distinct sound that is unapologetic. Dark, hard, grimy, industrial, you can try to explain Triceradrops music, but putting him in a box will fail time and time again.

His latest EP Trip in Silence, on Pharmacy Music, is a 6-track reminder that those who do not fit in a box are a force to be reckoned with. If you are someone who subscribes 140 bpm sound, this album is for you, with 3 original tracks and 3 remixes by some of the best in SoCal.

Trip in Silence is bringing the heat with a full spectrum of psytrance to be release worldwide on July 20, 2020.

Track 1: Trip in Silence (original mix) 140bpm

Psychedelic industrial

This is the type of track you expect from no one else then Triceradrops. The heavy hitting industrial sounds have the influences of his heavy metal days, but still the ambiance that makes psy special. Closing your eyes and getting lost to the music, this track will remind you of a freight train from hell. Very fitting that it is the first track and the title of the EP, because this track is leading this journey. Strap in tight and wave goodbye, this train is taking you on a serious trip.

Track 2: No Running (original mix) 140pm


The combination of psytrance and techy sound come together in this banger. Blurring the lines and influences from his alias Demek, this is a great follow up track to Trip in Silence, as it takes you deeper into the portal of psy.

Track 3: Jugger (original mix) 150 bpm

Psychedelic industrial

Jugger is a track that is full of fury. You can hear the hard dance influence throughout the track and like a runaway train, this track is not for the faint of heart. This is not a track you smile to while listening; however, make sure you stretch because you will be moving the entire track.

Track 4: Ronald Raygun (Subsidiary remix) 142bpm

Progressive psy

Subsidiary takes a killer triplet breakdown and Reagan sample to make it his own by extending the vocals to change up the breakdown. Taking a challenge to make it an original, Subsidiary changed the drops and brought a silver lining to an originally dark track without compromising the original.

Track 5: Absence of Light (Tektrix remix) 144bpm


Tektrix brings a real tribal feel to Absence of Light. The ‘in-your-face’ psytrance of triplets, will have you dancing and hopping around as your surrender to the beat and transform yourself to another dimension. Tektrix injected a boost of energy into the original but still kept the darkness that Triceradrops originally created.

Track 6: Malice (Feelionics remix) 154 bpm

Forest/dark psy

The first official remix from Feelionics, and it is a 154 bpm monstrosity of dark forest. This is how you end an EP with a track that is capable of summoning aliens and abducting you. Feelionics took the melody from the original and kicked it to the curb for some alien communication.

Overall Trip in Silence, is a journey EP. From the first track to the last, Triceradrops has curated a great listening.