Trance Family SF ‘open-to-close’ with Aly & Fila

by | Sep 13, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Have you ever had that gut feeling yearning for that one event?

And your instinct tells you to go because something special is going to take place. I did just that and I was not disappointed.

A week prior, the HOMmega show was rescheduled which opened up my Sunday plans for Labor Day weekend. And staying home was not an option. Dreamstate announced an Aly & Fila ‘open-to-close’ set in LA on Oct. 7th, but I was saddened to realize I wouldn’t be able to attend. However, thanks to Trance Family SF, I wouldn’t have to miss Aly & Fila doing an ‘open-to-close’. There was no way I was going to miss such a special moment knowing that I will not be able to make their LA ‘open-to-close’ set. And with my new open schedule, I decided to go to San Francisco.

I kept it a secret, because I wanted to surprise my friends and rave children who I knew would attend. I booked a last-minute flight and a small (very tiny) hotel room a block away from the 1015 Folsom venue. I got to the place early, and ran into Andrew Lockhart. He was definitely surprised as I kept telling him that I was not going. Assuring me he would not tell my rave babies of my presence, we went inside to start our night.

Being that it was my first time at 1015, the venue was very impressive and amazing. Multi-level with lots of space, the place is a true trance sanctuary as legendary names like Paul Van Dyk have made their presence known. The main room has an industrial vibe, but modern enough to bring in the elegance. The front room was hip and colorful,

and the basement was spacious. The venue filled up quickly as a line was already forming around the block before the doors were even open. The energy of the patrons was amazing, and people were truly excited to see the trance heavy weight.

As more people came in, my friends realized I was here and I was greeted with hugs with expressions of disbelief. The best surprise was from my son Anthony; he was truly shocked as he said, “You’re here?”.  After that moment, the night just got better. The power tracks of uplifting trance took us away.

Not to take anything away from the locals on this night, I caught a little of Dmitri Reign and Daun Giventi sets which were definite fire; however, I could not tear myself away from the main room. Fadi destroyed San Francisco. I do not have many words to say but I have seen this man on Groove Cruise, London, Las Vegas and all of SoCal many times before, and that was the greatest performance I have ever seen by Aly & Fila.

The music was so good. Fadi dropped classic after classic, playing my favorite track ‘Million Voices’. I couldn’t keep my emotions in as I hugged my friends and sang aloud. I was vindicated for taking such an outrageous trip and literally only stayed in San Francisco for no more than 11 hours. It was worth every single second, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

As the night ended, I knew I had witnessed history. Aly & Fila played its best US show to date which Fadi compared the crowd to Argentina. Huge words and a great comparison, because Argentina is known as the world’s best crowd.

All I know is that Trance Family LA needs to bring it on Oct. 7th.

Thanks Trance Family SF for an awesome night.

-Danielle Sanders