Time Nightclub – Paul Oakenfold

by | Jun 29, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

There is a difference between Los Angeles and Orange County when it comes to nightlife

Being from Los Angeles, I do not venture to Orange County often to party unless it is for a special night. Nevertheless, a forefather of electronic music, Paul Oakenfold would be playing at Time NightclubPaul plays in Socal often but what really made the evening special was Trance Family LA’s very own Carlos Arteaga  making his Time Nightclub debut.

Carlos has been active in the scene and a veteran opener who knows how to get floor going thru featuring drops such as Say Nothing from Bryan Kearney (Alex Di Stefano remix). He set the mood just right to get the crowd ready for Paul Oakenfold.

Paul showed the crowd why he is one of the forefather of electronic music. It is like a doctor performing surgery or an artist painting a masterpiece. Effortlessly mixing, vibing and having fun in the process, he dropped a variety of new and old hits. I heard a remix of a U2 song I have never heard before which was fantastic and I hope he releases it. With all the new tracks that did not hold a candle to the classics, he dropped his remix of 4Strings, Take Me Away and Traffic by Tiesto. Power anthems that bring a smile to everyone in the crowd.

As confetti fell and those turbo charged power fog machines blanketed the crowd, the vibe, the music; the night was just perfect.  Paul Oakenfold and Carlos Arteaga had a magical night of new and old trance. A true generation of players on the stage, which gives me a lot of hope for the future of trance.

-Danielle Sanders