The Rite Place – Baby Girl

by Dec 15, 2020MUSIC, Past music

Baby Girl’s The Rite Place Dj Sacha Robotti’s will get you moving and grooving

Funky, disco, up-tempo beats is the new rage in the Los Angeles music scene, which lands as the perfect time for Baby Girl to release the new single The Rite Place. From beginning to end, this groovy, funky, and heavy percussion, will get you feeling nostalgic of older disco sounds but transport you to a futuristic disco sound.

Baby Girl believes that the remix of “The Rite Place’ is also the best she’s ever done.

The sound is eclectic and soulful. She synthesizes her diverse experiences and talent into a captivating sensibility that suffuses her music with an international, hybrid flavor, it’s noticeable within the first few seconds of the song coming on while blasting through your speakers, and immediately your head will bop to the beat.

Growing up in sunny San Diego, she has spent time exploring different underground music scenes to then participate and dabble in a wide range of genres; such as goth to reggae. The formative years have taught her to embrace the freestyle form of DJing on turntables and has taught her self Ableton, Logic and Serato as her talent soon began to take over for her playing all around.

DJ Sneak has said that this remix is the right time for a groovy disco influenced track and has said that, Baby Girl is doing it right.

Watch out as she is multitalented on the decks and is a dynamic artist on the rise.