Where was the LOVE?

by | Jul 23, 2016 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

The LOVE was still there…!!!

This past weekend, July 15th, 2016, I decided to venture out to a low-key intimate party in a hidden gem venue somewhere in the 916 area code hosted by Eternal Events.  This was one of the event series installment of Peace.Love.Unity.Respect.  The place was easy to find and due to my late arrival, I had to park along the street. Being a 90’s raver from the old San Francisco warehouse days, that night sort of had that nostalgia.  I was greeted by familiar faces and the pat down was effortless.

Once inside, the vibe was banging to some hard electro sound and the production was fairly on point for the size of the show.  The inside capacity probably accommodated 150 to 200 people comfortably with the production taking up about 1/4 of the floor space.  Personally, being an old schooler with a party as small and intimate as LOVE, I would love to have seen dimmer intelligent lightings and lasers giving it a darker underground feel to it.  Ha..! maybe I sound a little bit jaded but regardless it did not take anything away from the limited good time I had and the good people I met.

The second area was a small outside court yard which comfortably accommodated about 150 or so partiers.  The music was groovy and techy just the way I like it, the energy was enchanting and performances were on display among the delightful viewers.  Unfortunately, I did not stay there long enough to catch Vasky or Joyzu as I had other prior commitment.  But I’m sure they did not disappoint.  I made my rounds saying ‘hi’ and ‘bye’.

In all, this party had the right flavor of positive vibe and good music, sometimes forgetting that these small intimate shows are how it all started—the Peace, the Love, the Unity and the Respect, for the people by the people.

Hopefully, for their next event series installment UNITY, I will have more time to immerse myself with the rest of the crowd.

-Jawn Gee