Sweat – Czechmate

by Jul 25, 2020MUSIC, Past music

A quarantine banger!

Our girl Czechmate is back at it again with another stellar, banging track tuned right for the 3am peakers. But first, I’d like to wish everyone during these hard time with this Covid-19 pandemic, to stay safe and social distance. While events are at a standstill, producers are taking advantage of this unforeseen downtime to produce and Czechmate has made good use of it with a track out on her spotify, SWEAT.

SWEAT, is a type of track that will keep you going after the last calls while the sweet tooth craving are just breaking through. A dark deep bass sets the foundation while the lead riff will keep you grooving with a twist of percussion highs. This track is primed for an after-hour setting with elements that would echo and reverberate in a warehouse rave. However, with all good music must come a good music video and you will be in for many replays.

This track is a nice club banger but a must have for all after-hour DJs.