SoCal – The return of Gabriel and Dresden

by | Oct 11, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

One of the most recognizable names in the trance scene

Gabriel & Dresden returned to Avalon Hollywood on Sept. 30th to showcase their new album with a special open-to-close set. Late last year, the duo started a Kickstarter campaign to crowd fund their new album, and raising well over their campaign goal from their devoted fan base. The duo took the next four months to curate an album worthy of their prestige.

As with most open-to-close set, Gabriel & Dresden started off with deep progressive tunes while slowly building up the energy as the club quickly filled. Friends greeted each other on the dance floor with excitement and anticipation as the duo warmed up the crowd.

Tracks off their new album brought back that signature G&D sound that trance lovers remembered and cherished. The craftsmanship of their slow progressive builds to unique vocal breakdowns was unparalleled as the crowd sang along to classics like Tracking Treasures and Promises; however, I had been waiting for years to hear their remix of Beautiful Things by Andain live, and that moment was simply perfect. Leading the sing-along, Josh Gabriel belted the lyrics with a passion that you could feel across the room. Between classics of their own, new ones and tracks by the likes of Eric Prydz, Deadmau5 and Rank1, the setlist and transitions brought an amazing vibe reminiscent of 2008-2012 era. New tracks off their album featured energetic melodies with heartfelt emotions.

Many Above & Beyond Group Therapy shirts were seen as the Anjuna Beats family came out in full force to support the duo, so fans were especially ecstatic when this new release was dropped in the club, This Love Kills Me featuring Sub Teal. This track was premiered the weekend before by Above & Beyond at ABGT250 with its unique melody and vocals tugging on heartstrings as it captivated the crowd in a trance.

Gabriel & Dresden’s musical journey on this night reminded us why we fell in love with their music, and without a doubt, the California duo are back as we’ll eagerly wait to hear more from these two legends.

With love & light

-Matt Gucci