SoCal – Sacred Valley Psychedelic Gathering

by | Jul 27, 2018 | EVENTS, PREVIEWS

Have you ever been to the very first of a new event? The inaugural experience, the beginning

Have you been able to tell your friends, you should have gone, or it was the best? Have you been able to see all the changes through the years? It is actually an awesome feeling. Being there, witnessing everything fresh. Seeing how it comes together and how it all explodes from that creation… well, in September, for the first time ever you can be a part of a new history.

Sacred Valley will be taking place Sept 27-30 at Los Coyotes Indian Reservation in San Diego County. This 4-day outdoor camping festival will take a page from both the underground psy-trance scene in California and from the big European festivals like Boom and Ozora.

Four days of nonstop music calls for a heavy lineup of talent, and Sacred Valley did just that with some of the biggest names in psy-trance and techno to the kings of the underground, there is something for everyone at this event.

Los Coyotes Indian Reservation has been home to Desert Hearts and Psy Tribe events over the years, so the venue can definitely handle an influx of trance and techno lovers. From the desert rats and veterans of the psy-trance community or to those who are just looking to try something new, the venue is both spacious and beautiful. With both natural scenery and manmade designs, the event will satisfy all senses for the melodic journey of music.

Make sure you are ready to live a little rugged and have all your camping supplies ready to go. There are no hotels here for this event. It is a camping event, so make sure you are packed for the outdoors and bring plenty of supplies to last the four days (WATER, WATER, FOOD, and more WATER).

The event is sure to give all attendees a break from reality, a chance to be off the social media grid for a weekend, and enjoy a musical retreat with a couple thousand awesome people.

Space will be limited, so do not wait, and get your tickets ASAP!

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