SoCal – PsyTrance Dreamstate Recap w/ Danielle

by | Jan 25, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Did you make it out from this psytrance journey?

Have you ever had an experience so amazing, you thought it was a dream?  This experience happened on Jan. 14th, 2017 at the Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles for the latest installment of Dreamstate. The event took off well and left everyone in awe with a stellar line up of Avalon, Liquid Soul, Freedom Fighters, Coming Soon, Animato, Triceradrops and Barakuda.

Excited, our trance and rave families showed up to the venue about a quarter till 8 and the line was already around the building. You could sense the excitement and anticipation as everyone eagerly waited to be taken on a journey through trance bliss.

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The night started off with a hard and warming set by Barakuda, setting up the crowd for what was transpiring for the next 8 hours. Just as the night started to progress, the crowd lost themselves to the beat and melodies.

Triceradrops surprised everyone by taking them on the darkest journey with no apologies and gave them his “cringe worthy sound.”

Most attendees would agree that Liquid Soul and Avalon stole the show which I agree whole heartedly. Their precisions to deliver hypnotic arrangements made me feel as if I was flying through time and space.  But my personal favorite set of the night was Freedom Fighters who went dark, deep and a little slower than his previous sets I’ve witnessed.  His added elements of mixing tech-trance to the overall melody took my mind and body to a whole new level. I truly appreciated him for willing to change things up and experiment. Every artist left their hearts on stage and showed their appreciations with fan greetings after their sets.

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On a deeper and profound level, psytrance hypnotizes the mind and your conscience ability. You are transpose into that perfect world.  Your mind is care free from the craziness happening around us for that moment.  And just like an amazing dream, you don’t want to wake up because you are afraid you will forget.  Trance takes you places you fantasized of, and Dreamstate is the vessel that will take you there.

Being my 10th time attending a Dreamstate event, I am still mesmerized at the magnitude of the love and unity that I humbly get to witness there in which I never want to wake up from this amazing dream.

I hope your experience was as fun and much memorable as mine.

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-Danielle Sanders

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Video courtesy of Brian S.