SoCal – NYE Factory 93 Recap w/Renee

by | Jan 28, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Taking it back to the old warehouse days

For NYE 2017, there were numbers of places everyone wanted me to go, instead I needed to dance to some dirty funky tech house.  I attended the sold out Factory 93, located in downtown LA, which was probably one of the best choices I made all of 2016. Featuring the sensational duo Get RealGreen Velvet & Claude Vonstroke – with support of Waze & Odyssey and Walker & Royce to what became an amazing night.

Starting the night off, our Lyft driver had a way to get us pumped up which excited us girls.  As we approached what looked like an industrial area of art and graffiti, I can hear the beats in a distance.  We walked down the wet rainy path till we came to the last building on the left.  A huge piece on the front of what looked like an abstract Virgin Mary crying and the words ‘Factory 93’ were painted.  It’s always nice to be guest listed because the general line was very long. And luckily we love making new friends to ring in the New Year on time.

Inside, you were welcomed into a lounge like area with a round platform in the middle with disco balls scattered amongst the ceiling.  One of my favorite things w projected words over the main door entrance that read, “love now. text later.” and “music now. text later.” I had actually rarely used my phone that night and had to just immerse my self in this experience.

Click for more pictures courtesy of Factory 93

In the main room, the ambience was darker while the music echoes a little harder.  I could feel those funky techy groovy beats through the floor.  We danced away, met up with new and old friends.  A giant black hanging diamond in the middle of the dance floor was a great meet up spot.  And as soon as we knew it, the countdown had already begun.  The music was everything I wanted and more.  We danced pretty hard and needed some air.  The outside area had a couple of food trucks, porta potties and heaters.  As an artist, I could have been fine outside just taking in all the graffiti around me.

Back inside for an alcohol recharge, the cost of drinks wasn’t bad for a New Years Eve event.  The stage setup was at the far right corner of the building with disco ball jump suited divas dancing on each end.  The light displays and many lasers inside were something to see. From my underground days, I wasn’t expecting it which was a little different.  However, the vibe did bring me back to the checkpoint days and secret locations.  Really missing that excitement, I felt like I was reliving it again.

Click for more pictures courtesy of Factory 93

It was already a few hours in and my feet were tired but some of the crowd favorites like “Voicemail” and “Snuffaluffagus” would pull me back in.  It was around 4:30AM when we finally left but I do recommend hitting up a Factory 93 party soon to get a little of the nostalgia of what raves use to be like.

-Renee Morales