SoCal – No Love Lost at Crush SoCal

by | Mar 7, 2017 | REVIEWS

Single, in love or no love ones to love, a celebration for everyone

My best friend Vannessa and I always had a blast attending Crush SoCal. This year being our third was no different.  Taking place inside the Damus building of the NOS Center on Feb 11th, 2017, the event was rather intimate for a single stage set up featuring Afrojack, Bonnie x Clyde, Goldfish, Peking Duk, Slander and Unlike Pluto. In February, San Bernardino is normally cold while this year we have been experiencing more rain than in the last half decade. Luckily, things dried up prior to the show though benches were a little wet with slick ground. However, the outside air was refreshing and provided invigoration when you needed to step out and rest.

In comparison to other Insomniac or Crush event, this party had quite a diverse line up. As one of my favorite sets of the night and a little bit bias because of my friend Leiel being a member of Sweet and Low, they opened up the evening playing a combination of deep house and trance, it was a perfect way to start show. Bonnie & Clyde took stage and really got the energy going with the crowd.  While keeping the ‘Love’ theme going, a couple got engaged on stage during their set. Then Goldfish showcased their amazing

Pictures courtesy of Insomniac

talents playing the saxophone and flute to some amazing house music.  As the night progressed, Peking Duk, Unlike Pluto, Slander, and Afrojack kept the party going by playing trap, drum and bass, dubstep, house, and even some trance.  My ears were in heaven as I danced the night away with my best friend.

Unlike previous Crush, this year’s lackluster lineup provided partiers with other Valentine option soirees. It made for an intimate festive with plenty of room to dance, talk and meet new people. I had the pleasure of meeting Sean who brought his boyfriend Lee to his first rave.  The couple received a mesmerizing light show from my friend who is really good at Orb. As well, we traded Kandi with the couple by giving Lee his first cuff and perler necklace. This was a token from us veterans to the new kids in hopes they’ll remember these moments and love for the culture in which we have helped shaped it in our 20+ years of raving. It was also nice running into GC family and supporting fellow GC artist Goldfish.

This year’s Crush may not have seemed like a mega line up, but the sheer diversity and talent blew away that notion.  The event was a success and I cannot wait for next year’s event.  As this is the only way I will celebrate Valentine’s Day.

-Danielle Sanders

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