SoCal – Mindfucked at Subterranean Dwellers

by | Mar 8, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

When you live in Los Angeles, CA …

… it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour’s of Hollywood. You go from huge venues to marquee clubs watching some of the biggest acts from around the world.  Though Los Angeles is at the forefront of everything mainstream, it also has one of the strongest and pulsating underground scene. The team behind Subterranean Dwellers knows this and has been vital in helping shape the growing underground world of psy-trance.  On Sat, February 18th, they hosted yet another successful event – Mindfuck – at the Garage Gallery in the heart of downtown LA.  This small venue’s energy was packed and vibrant from opening to close with the perfect atmosphere.

Pictures courtesy of Ignacio Perez

The lineup consisted of R3cursion, Tektrix, Symatics, Spyros, Retohmorgon, Skuzzo, and Yoshua Em. And they did not disappoint. R3cursion and Tektrix started the night off dark and got everyone’s blood pumping then as soon as Symatics took over, it went to another level.  From that point on, the crowd was transfixed into another dimension. By the time Skuzzo and Yoshua Em came on, my mind had already been completely wiped out.  I was truly ‘mindfucked’ and it felt good.

The Garage Gallery has become one of my favorite venues in Los Angeles.  Providing that old school vibe meets the underground with stunning visuals that only a mind’s eye can explore while the art comes to life as the BPM rises throughout the night.  It’s honestly quite breathtaking when that feeling of sensational bliss reverberate through music.

Mindfuck was a great little gathering with something special. Especially when social media confirms it and you got to witness something spectacular, and it wasn’t just the tacos.

In case you missed it, look out for Cosmic Odyssey to take place on Mar. 25th, 2017.

-Danielle Sanders