SoCal – Just another trance night at Garden of Eden

by | Sep 10, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

As most people watched a predictable fight, the trance faithful headed on out

August 26th, 2017, Motive Events Garden of Eden for some of us was the better show that night at The Circle OC providing an atmosphere for trance music lovers of an evening away from the money monger fight, for rather a good time with some truly heavenly music from a line up too good to pass up. Featuring some of SoCal’s brightest stars with ‘up and coming’ names ready to break through, and a superstar from across the pond – Craig Connelly, Kristina Sky, Triceradrops, Thee-O, Mr. Brooks, Trice, Dj Flash and SafeScape.

Trance Family LA rolled in deep. We were greeted with the sounds of LA local Mr. Brooks who was going hard and had the crowd going while I did my usual rounds of saying ‘hi’ to everyone, and taking a moment to drop in and see SafeScape going ham down stairs.  The small but electric crowd had such a positive energy that I knew instantly the night was going to be amazing.

Photo courtesy of Gucci

The DJs definitely brought their A-game with the music getting better throughout the night. The amazing LA local psy-trance DJ Triceradrops brought such a dark sound. The blend of psy and tech gave the crowd goosebumps. It was true to his vision of hair-raising music with a sign of hope. His hard setting set had some of us wondering how Kristina Sky was going to be followed up; but like a pro, the queen of trance brought down the house and set the stage well for Craig Connelly. I just love watching Kristina Sky and her showmanship is one of the best, as she interacted with fans and genuinely remembered them. She pours her heart out into her sets and it shows.

Honestly, I do not know many DJs could have bridged different sounds so well by seamless transitioning from the hard-hitting dark sound of Triceradrops to Craig Connelly’s enchanting, melodic and progressive set. Kristina‘s transition into Craig‘s set was perfect.

Photo courtesy of Gucci

Connelly, who has not been in CA in some time, brought the crowd to an emotional overload of trance. As he dropped banger after banger, we danced and moved as one.  When he played my favorite track ‘How can I’, my rave family encircled each other and let the words swell between us, hearing him play this all-star track just seemed better. As we all sang off-key, it was reassuring to know our bond of friendship and love grew tighter through the love of trance.

Craig’s set was perfect, and again the night was over too quickly. Garden of Eden was another amazing and successful trance night through big names and locals together.

I cannot wait for the next event!

-Danielle Sanders