SoCal – Johan Gielen and 4Strings recap

by | Apr 8, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Trancetastic night at Time Nightclub

When they announced two trance legends – Johan Gielen and 4Strings – I was beside myself. These men have been pioneers and legends in the trance scene; and deservingly so. With news of this rare show, Trance Family LA was committed to go because we just don’t miss legends and we were definitely in deep that night with over 25 members in attendance.

4Strings in the past year has been touring more (represented by Jan De Vos), but every time you see them, you are teleported back in time. A musical progression of the years of memories with every beat. The set was superb as Jan dropped classic tune after tune. The entire nightclub was on a euphoric high as they sang familiar words and danced to beats that will live forever such Suburban Train, 1998, Sandstorm, Adagio for Strings, as well as two of their classics Take Me Away and Diving.

On next, trance fans were in for a treat as the legend himself ‘Mr. Trance Energy’, a founding father of trance, Johan Gielen took the stage. His intro alone was a perfect set up to what would be one of the best hours I have witnessed live. It is rare when you can say you were in the DJ booth with a legend but I was, and to see him work is as if he was painting a masterpiece with seamless transitions between tracks and a set list that blew me away. Tracks I have not heard played in years like L ‘Esperanza, Beauty of Silence, Twisted, Carte Children and some classics like Lethal Industry and Satellite. The crowd was in awe and moved with emotion.

Trance is supposed to take you on a journey. Trance is supposed to tap into a part of your brain and your heart that nothing else on earth can do. Trance is supposed to connect you on a higher level and only those who are with you at that moment can understand.

On this night at the Time Nightclub, every single person was connected and arguably, 4Strings and Johan Gielen played the greatest sets to date in that building.

-Danielle Sanders