SoCal – Horizon Tour preview

by | Oct 19, 2017 | EVENTS, PREVIEWS

November is going to be a huge month in music

A few years ago, November was considered a ‘slow month’, with post Halloween and pre-New Year, folks wanted to take it easy. Not anymore though, and Insomniac is definitely not going to let you.

Starting on the first weekend of November will be the epic 2-day Horizon Tour show headlining Seven LionsTritonal, with special guest Kill The Noise taking place at the famous Hollywood Palladium for nights of stellar music.

Known for transcending genres and not following any rules when it comes to performing, Seven Lions will be going hard with his signature head banging, hair-waiving personality. He will be bringing something for everyone and you will find me riding the rail at the Palladium hoping to hear his remix of Still With Me and Cosmic Love.

I love Seven Lions but I am an absolute ‘fangirl’ for Tritonal as Chad and Dave have made some of my all-time favorite tracks ever.  Tritonal’s sound has definitely progressed over the years while playing live, but they still produce some amazing tracks like Blackout, Untouchable and Gamma Gamma.

Last but not least, Kill The Noise will be the setting the stage well for an epic kickstart to November.

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