SoCal – HOMmega 20th anniversary RIP Eyal

by | Oct 17, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

I have gone to many events in my lifetime but some stick out more than others

I usually start writing the Monday after an event, but after the tragic and senseless act which claimed over 50 lives in Las Vegas, I was faced with writer’s block. Then on Oct. 10th, HOMmega founder Eyal Yankovich passed away. I had just finally met and saw him play live, and just like that, he was no longer with us. I feel like I owe it to him to write this review, because the event was spectacular.  Therefore, with a heavy heart, here is my review.

On Saturday, Sept. 30th, the long-awaited HOMmega 20th anniversary hosted by Dreamstate finally took place after being postponed from its early September date. After being moved from its original location at the Palladium to the Belasco, it provided an extended time to the artists and it was definitely worth the wait

The event started at 8pm which is early for most LA shows, but I got in before the rush as Eyal Yankovich was on stage just hammering away with ease. A true pro and legend, I greeted my friends Amanda and Justin as his music filled the room. With years of injury, I don’t dance as much as I’d like, but Eyal had me moving from the get go. I knew the night was going to be awesome.

You know you are attending a historical event when other artists were out in the crowd. Psy legend Xerox was watching Eyal and after his set, he and many others united. By the time Eyal came off, most of the other acts were already in the building supporting each other. Eyal and Xerox spent a lot of time enjoying the music with the beautiful people on the dance floor, and this 20-year anniversary of HOMmega, Eyal’s vision that made this event one of the strongest forces psy-trance, globally.

The night was beautiful as Sub6, Vertical Mode, Pixel, Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Freedom Fighters, and Space Cat proved why HOMmega is the power player it is. Each set was amazing; however, I was mesmerized by Pixel who had me smiling ear to ear, and to top it off, I had finally met Space Cat. It’s been a decade since the legend last played in Los Angeles, and he was worth the ticket price alone.

The night was simply amazing as local artists like Triceradrops and Trance Psyberia came to ‘fanboy’, and mega-fan like Luvid went completely ham to Infected Mushrooms. It was also nice to see Trance Family LA be there in support, and new fans as well to enjoy a night of cherishing trance.

HOMmega will always be a special night. Twenty years in the making, Eyal has left his legacy on the world, giving us amazing music, fantastic memories and allowing countless people to be able to travel the world playing the music they love. This was not just another Dreamstate event; this was a juncture where history and appreciation came together.

Thank you Eyal Yankovich for everything you have done and may you Rest in Paradise.

-Danielle Sanders