SoCal – High and Fly with Coming Soon!!!

by | Aug 1, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

I was very sad to miss the last performance of Coming Soon!!! in Fresno

So imagine the joy on my face when I heard they were going to be at Avalon on July 8th.  As well, the lineup was stellar per usual for a trance night in SoCal with Ben Gold and Mark Sherry, and I must admit we are a little spoiled down here.

In the lounge area, we have our own home-grown local heroes such as Jack Frozt who’s always a good reason to get out of the house. Now of course in Jack’s fashion, he’s going to give you what he wants. Yes, you read that right, “what he wants” and I love him for it. Although I’ve seen countless numbers of his afterhours sets at the Plurhouse, his sets never get old and always creative. Yup, Jack likes to put you in your feels and I’m not complaining one bit.

Mind you, I loved the entire line up in both rooms so I was running back and forth to catch Wolfboy, Defcronius Maximus then Barakuda and Ben Gold. Though the music was good, it’s always nice to be surrounded by some of my favorite people just having a few laughs there and there.

For all the years I’ve been partying, Coming Soon!!! has been one of the few acts I still enjoy seeing and I loved it when they bumped their latest track “Become One”. I made sure to position myself amongst the crowd and friends to feel the energy and beat drop while their iconic lightning bolt logo was on display. And for the bong heads, “Hollyweed” will be a track rotating thru my playlist and should yours as well.

If you missed Coming Soon!!! you’ll have another chance at them for the Trancegiving’s Dreamstate SoCal.

See you then!

-Renee Morales