SoCal – Death’s Comes in 3’s

by | Nov 18, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

A spooky grimy bassy Halloween night

Halloween Tuesday night presented many options but for me, Wasted presented Death Comes in 3’s at the Belasco Theatre was the place to be.

If you’re not familiar with Wasted production, they mainly cater to the bass crowd with such genres as riddim and dubstep. There were three rooms of straight mayhem suitable for any Halloween night and the lineup was insane featuring a lot of artist from Savage Society. This was one event you didn’t want to miss!

Being my first riddim show, I went in with no expectation, and regardless of what you may hear about a bass crowd, I felt very welcomed. I met a lot of new people and have a new respect for this genre.  You can see the passion in both the crowd and artist. I especially loved it when a few DJs like Svdden Death and Yakz jumped into the pit after they initiated the wall of death to their hit Shut ‘Em Down.

Artists that really caught my attention were Subtronics b2b Uber. They set it off with their eye-catching lights, effects and unique sound. I didn’t expect such pleasing visuals as the lasers blew my mind. I honestly just had to stop to take everything in to appreciate their set.

One of the things I hear mainly about a bass crowd is how ‘negative’ and how ‘violent’ they can be, but from my experience I saw and felt nothing but love. There is actually a great amount of respect they have for each other as I observed a few people fall and being helped up. You could really feel the unity.

A big shout out to the DeathCamp family once again, showing so much love and creating the best vibes.

Till next time catch me at my next event, Dreamstate SoCal waving my pink DC flag.

-Renee Morales