SoCal – Chicane, Signum and Sky at Avalon

by | Sep 24, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Avalon Hollywood was a historic night for trance

Sept. 16 . 2017. With over 60 years of combined talent, history was on the line up with Chicane, Signum, and Kristina Sky who showed what longevity looked like as powerhouse in trance.

LA local trance queen Kristina Sky always brings down the house with her amazing attitude and showmanship making her such a crowd favorite. Her consistency was the perfect compliment to the two heavy weights of the night. As well, it was amazing seeing her fan out and getting autographs from Chicane. She had brought out an old vinyl of his to sign and it was an awesome reminder that other artists are fans too.

I had entered an online contest for a meet-and-greet with the legend; lo and behold, I won! I won an opportunity to speak with a man who created one of the greatest track in history, Saltwater. Nick, as he

said to call him, was a delight to speak with and after getting that opportunity, my fondness of this legend grew. On stage, you knew he was not just another DJ. He waited not time but to get into that groove right away with classics and played a crowd favorite Saltwater, as well as some newer tracks like Destiny by Andrew Bayer and Ilan Bluestone. His set was a throwback to good memories as I danced and moved with my friends in the crowd.

While in the crowd, I spied Signum on stage and made a b-line to him. I was overjoyed when he remembered me and struck up a quick conversation. Earlier that day Kristina Sky and him both were taking fan requests, and I had to request my favorite track Big Sky. Being a little curious, I had asked to see if he was going to play it but only mentioning that he was not thinking of it, but did bring his remix. Telling him how his remix was my all-time favorite, I showed off my tattoo in which he then promised he would play it. I left smiling ear to ear, as I rejoined my friends and family.

I love Kristina, she is a LA local favorite who brings fire, and Chicane has made some of my favorite tracks of all time but Signum was just mythical, fabled, and breathtaking. I don’t really know the proper words to describe him. This was only his second appearance in the US, first one being a year prior in Fresno at Electric Fairytale.  He brought mayhem on the dance floor playing hits after hits, including many requests, like Luvid Gutier who requested his favorite track of Signum remix of Gamemaster. Dancing while enjoying my night, it then happened, the opening to Big Sky started to play. I locked eyes with Signum and thanked him from the bottom of my heart. He played his entire remix, and I sang to every single beat. My eyes swelled with tears as I was surrounded by my friends listening to the heavenly sound of this track.

I can honestly say, it was one of the greatest moments I have had in trance, and will go down as my favorite time at Avalon. After his set, I ran back on stage to give him a big hug and thanked him over and over again. As I walked out of Avalon, I knew I had been a part of something special, and not just me but for everyone who attended that night. History was made by true veterans in the game and if you were not there you really did miss out.

-Danielle Sanders