SoCal – Basscon & Winterfresh – My Weekend Fun

by | Dec 20, 2016 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

A weekend of back 2 back hardstyle and trance

After Dreamstate, I needed a change in scenery and being that it was a friend’s birthday, this was an excuse to get out and listen to some hard style. Dec. 2nd, we headed out to Exchange L.A to check out Basscon located in downtown L.A featuring Frontliner, Lady Faith, and The Prophet. Since I missed Lady Faith at this year’s Electric Fairy Tale, I was pretty stoked to catch her set.

The wait wasn’t too bad for the guest list and since I make friends fast, time flew fairly quick in line. I met up with my rave sister Amanda which I was so ecstatic to see. If you have never been to Exchange, the main room has a decent size dance floor with an upstairs VIP on the top edge surrounding the room. Frontliner was playing but I wanted to venture. Outside in the smoking area, I met some more amazing people and a Care Bear! One of my favorite things about going out is meeting new souls. Quick photo-op then back inside with my new buds.

Lady Faith was just about to come on and I managed to get a few VIP wristbands from another moon goddess, Blessed Be (I hope to run into her again). Taking our journey upstairs for a better view, I couldn’t help but rock out with my rave sister. Lady Faith was wickedly awesome and I could not stop moving. Her energy as well makes you want to get up! I will definitely want to catch another one of her sets again. Still pumped, The Prophet came on and continued on with the energy. Dancing non-stop with my rave sis, this night ended pretty well.


The next day we hit up Winterfresh held at the Union. A few friends warned me about the parking situation but fortunate to find a spot so easily. A couple of other friends were having a hard time so they left.  The line was very long but actually moved pretty fast to get inside. Those who aren’t familiar with the Union, this place was like a maze to me with stairs leading to many different areas and rooms. There were five rooms to be exact and an outside area with vendors.

Photo by Renee

I went straight to the trance room to say ‘hi’ to everyone before I took a quick venture. The trance stage was hosted by Intricacy that night, so a big ‘thank you’ to Bakari for all the amazing talent who performed. Probably one of my favorite room and the setting was intimate. Thomas Datt was mingling amongst everyone as well as the other performers. Arctic Moon was ‘killer’ and I can’t wait to catch him again in San Diego for the OTC set. Casey Rasch and Airwave were rad so since I missed Airwave at EFT as well, it was great to catch the set.

The other rooms consisted of house, dubstep, hard dance and drum and bass. I kept roaming to the front room, which I was calling the jungle room for us experienced ravers (drum and bass). That room had to be the smallest of them all but the air flowed since it was connected to the outside area.

My heart kept guiding me back to the trance room. Pretty much where I ended my night.  I always have a rad time with my fam and great company. Overall, it was a cool event with a lot to check out.

-Renee Morales

CLICK for more pictures courtesy of Basscon  and  Winter Fresh