SoCal – Avalon’s Damaged Journey

by | Aug 7, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

As one LA’s most iconic clubs with a boasting history since 1927

The club has gone through quite a few names. And most notably, The Palace when I was first introduced to it back in 1999.  As all dynasties have their runs, a makeover rejuvenated the venue’s countless hour of dancing which needed a new endeavoring ownership to thrive on the cusp of EDM mania. And since its sophomore year of the 21st century, the venue has foregone its new moniker – Avalon Hollywood.

Since 2002, the club has become a beacon for Electronic Dance Music in the heart of Hollywood with its famous Hollywood and Vine cross-streets. Avalon attracts one of the most eclectic audiences in LA from the casual party goers, hardcore ravers, big fish in bottle services or tourists just stopping on by, you will find a little of everything there. When a DJ is booked at Avalon, it is going to be a special set as it’s known for having rare ‘open-to-close’ or extended set by their performers. So on Saturday, July 29th, 2017, Jordan Suckley took his audience on a 4-hour journey that left everyone in awe.


As one of the largest venue in LA, and Avalon still gets packed with its multi-levels but on this night, the balcony section provided ample room which made me smile.  I like the option of being able to stand on the railings for a bird-eye view while taking in the party. Jordan’s track selections were banging but when DJs do extended sets, they tend to start with a more mellow and progressive journey that builds. Not Jordan, he went hard out the gate at 138 BPM and though it can be challenging to keep the audience going for 3 hours continuously, he did it like a pro.

As the night dwindled down, the hardcore patrons stuck around ‘till 4am as Jordan ended his set. Being a sweetheart, he stayed connected with his fans regardless of security trying to get everyone out as he continued to greet fans and sign autographs. Everyone left the club with all smiles.

Jordan Suckley continues to show why his is a fantastic DJ and why Damage Records is a force to be known in the trance world. I look forward to seeing him again at Dreamstate SoCal in November.

Avalon Hollywood had yet another amazing night continuing to cement itself as a party destination title for Los Angeles.

-Danielle Sanders

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