SoCal – 2 Year Anniversary Intricacy

by | Nov 3, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

2 Year and still going strong

The weekend prior to some big Halloween festivities, Intricacy celebrated its own big weekend marking their 2 Year Anniversary. A two-night celebration at the Garage Gallery LA with a stack local line up and off shore talents the likes of Memory Loss, David RustSneijder and Reorder.

Starting off night-1 on a beautiful Friday night, trance fans were welcomed to the Canadian Native Memory Loss who uplifted the room with classics like Kyau & Albert remix of 6AM. Her amazing stage presence elevated the energy in the room as you could feel the excitement building up for Sneijder’s set. The euphoric melodies accompanied with driving bass lines created an amazing atmosphere of bliss, and when she dropped Activa’s newest track Luminosity, the crowd erupted.

Headliner Sneijder meticulously tore apart the dance floor with pounding bass lines that mixed perfectly into tracks like Concorde by Aly & Fila. It was a real treat to hear his classic vocal hit Be With You live which brought back amazing memories with it’s heartwarming lyrics. Sneijder masterful mixing did not skip a beat as the dance floor was the most packed I’ve seen all year.

And closing out night-1 was the duo from Origin dropping classics like John O Callaghan’s Big Sky mixed with energetic psy-melodies and hard trance. Just a perfect way to end the night.

Night-2 debuted some local trance acts to rock the stage including an US debut.

Headliner Reorder did not hold back at all as his musical weapon of choice ravaged the dance floor. Disorder was in full effect as he showed his versatility with tracks from Vini Vici, Aly & Fila to some classics of his own. The crowd loved every second of it hyping it to a whole new level. And making his US debut, David Rust brought an amazing atmosphere to the gallery with soulful vocals and hard tech licks.

Many have professed that the energy of this special event was similar to an Amsterdam vibe and the extended sets from Reorder, Sneijder and David Rust allowed them to develop the energy with more fluidity than the usual 1-hour set. The sets were truly off the charts.

And to top it off for those who didn’t stick around long enough, a surprise classic set by Binary Finary closed out the night much to the delight of the trance family. Those remaining were not disappointed as classics like Fire Wire, Satellite & Silence were dropped in the early morning.

One of the best features of the Garage Gallery is it’s intimate, old school vibe setting providing a space to celebrate trance music and art together. Without a doubt, the team behind Intricacy and Lucent are booking huge talent on par with other well-known trance hubs around the world. The energy brought to the floor is authentic and passionate. It is no wonder that LA has truly become a centralized hub for trance within the past year.

If you love trance music, LA is the place to be and events like Intricacy contribution to the scene is the tip of the iceberg.

Till I see you on the dance floor,

-Matt Gucci