SF – Pure Trance à la Trance Family SF

by | Apr 16, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

What a night! Viva La Trance!!!

Trance Family SF did it again with another successful sold out night of trance with Pure Nights Vol. 6. The event was held at the beautiful Great Northern venue in the heart of San Francisco, and Trance Family LA showed up ready to get lost.

In Los Angeles, most events start to pop off a few hours in because everyone wants to be fashionably late; however, being late this night meant missing Gai Barone, and that was not an option as everyone was in great anticipation of nothing but 6 hours of trance bliss. Security was friendly and trance fans were showing off their Pure Trance gears as they greeted old friends and made new. Then you started to hear the driving beat of the progressive powerhouse Gai Barone and everyone was antsy to get inside. I dropped my jacket off at coat check and ran right up to the front and I was instantly hypnotized by his sounds. His set was wonderful. The perfect start, where you could get lost in the music and still mingle.

The venue is a  beautiful mix of industrial warehouse with modern decors but my only complaint was the lack of air circulation because it was hot, and especially with a sold-out crowd that would not stop dancing. Therefore, I stayed to the far left by the front in order to have the most dancing space which gave me the perfect view of both the crowd and the DJ booth. This little hidden gem was both cool and held many surprises as I was able to talk with many of the DJs.

Robert Nickson came on next electrifying the crowd. His energy permeated to the crowd as he delivered a solid set. The vocal tracks he played had the whole crowd singing and fist pumping. A perfect setup for the man of the hour, Solarstone, to slay the crowd.

During Robert Nickson’s set, I was able to arrange a ‘meet and greet’ with a dear friend, and new rave daughter Monica with Solarstone. Monica recently lost her husband, and that night would have been their anniversary. I had reached out to the Music First camp and they were more than happy to arrange it. I always say that trance DJs are the best, and Solarstone proved it again. He talked with her and it brought me to tears a few times, as Monica retold the story of her beloved. This moment put a smile in my heart because I was able to do that for her which she thanked me for it.

Solarstone’s set was a magical journey of pure, euphoric and melodic trance. It washed over the crowd and brought both joy and emotion in every beat. I stayed near Monica and a few other members of Trance Family LA. I am glad I did, as the opening sound of Lovers started to play, a tribute to Monica and David’s love and

first newly wed dance at their wedding. Those moments in trance can stop time, heal a broken heart or be the silver lining in a cloudy day but on that night, Solarstone stole my heart that night, and I know helped heal Monica’s heart.

After that gut wrenching soul bearing set, Factor B came on and finished off the crowd. He might be a new comer, but he played as if he has been around for decades. His energy was insane, and every time I’ve seen him, he gets better and better. A proper closing from the Aussie, he left the crowd satisfied.

The night came to end quickly, but left an impression that will stay with the patrons forever.

Trance lives in Los Angeles, but it definitely has heart in San Francisco.

-Danielle Sanders