SF – Keep Your NYE Groovy AF With These 3 Parties

by | Dec 15, 2016 | EVENTS, PREVIEWS

This is how you party on NYE and avoid the amateurs

If going on out NYE means waiting in line for 4 hours in the cold to see your favorite DJ for 5 times the regular price, but only after getting elbowed by some blitzed out groupie who proceeds to spill your drink all over the floor and puke on your shoe, then you’ve been doing it wrong. Actually if you’ve done that any night ever, you might want to reassess your life. But seriously, going out on NYE can be a task and one that is often met with rolled eyes and empty wallets. What if I told you that you could go out on NYE, in one of the best cities in the world – San Franciso, CA – and be entertained at a reasonable price all without ever running into those amateurs who ruin the fun for everyone? Well you can and here’s how.


New Bohemia NYE
Presented by Opel & Vau de Vire Society
The Mint, San Francisco

The crews that brought you Phantasm on Halloween are taking their trademark sexy yet classy vibes to The Mint. Imagine a bangin’ mansion party with a burner aesthetic and a slightly upscale more mature vibe. The Mint is a gorgeous venue and it will no doubt be decked out in only the way these two veteran crews can do. Worthy-of Dirtybird and Anabatic fame-is heading up a lineup of tech and house heavy local superstars. Costumes aren’t just welcome, they’re almost required.

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Destructo Official Birthday Party
Audio, SF

If you are looking for bang for your buck then look no further than the $20 price tag on seeing one of dance music’s finest in an intimate setting. Yes you can see the owner of HARD, Holy Ship and the mack daddy of G house at a festie, but passing up on the chance to see this dance music veteran in such an intimate setting is almost sacrilegious (that is if dance music is your religion and the dance floor is church, I’ll assume that’s the case). While most clubs in the city are charging upward of $100 at the door, Audio is keeping things reasonable and bringing out the heat. It’s also his birthday so you know things are going to get a little sleazy behind the decks.

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Breakfast Of Champions
Presented by the Space Cowboys
New Years Day
The Midway, SF

Technically this one is on NYD, but it is seriously the quintessential New Years celebration for San Francisco’s dance music community. On a day when “Only the strong survive”, this is the ultimate test of the strength of your feet, your liver and your aversion to sleep. The party starts at 6am and goers strong until 6pm with a lineup including the legendary Marques Wyatt, Lee Reynolds and Jeno. There are always plenty of surprise guests added to the lineup the day of the party so don’t sleep on this…or do sleep and then wake up and come to the party.

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