SF – 420 Earth Day Celebration at DNA

by | May 8, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Friday April 21st, 2017, So Stoked Galactic Funk Earth Day Celebration

Held at DNA Lounge in San Francisco over the 420 weekend was something truly unique in its vibe – a collection of almost every dance music subculture thriving together in four rooms of distinct sounds. One thing I know about So Stoked parties is they bring the unexpected, so I was excited for this party as the flyer advertised “four rooms of epic proportions” with headliners such as Donald Glaude b2b Terry Mulan, AK1200, Save the Robot, and Alien Project, I was ready to get weird with all the off the beaten path sounds of dance music in my best funky alien ware.

Upon my arrival, I decided to explore and take some pictures before settling into anyone’s set. Having been to DNA several times before, I was surprised to enter a new side room off the upstairs balcony drenched in black light, psychedelic art, huge inflatable props and thumping techno bass. Though the room was seemingly empty given the night was young, the energy was still a big part of the space.

Transitioning to the main stage from a balcony view, the party was covered with stars, glitter, inflatable aliens and an old school stage presence with circular psychedelic visuals behind the DJ decks. DNA’s unique main room staircases around the DJs opened up the idea that everyone in the party is together as one. It truly provides a unique, old school vibe. My curiosity led me back upstairs to a side room familiar to me more as a chill zone, however, I heard some wobbly future house with so many glovers and other flow artists gather here to throw it down.

DNA being a small venue, alas I had found my sanctuary – the bass room. It was a tiny, trippy room with black and white stripes on the wall, mirrors on many corners, few flashing lights and some dirty, dirty dubstep. This secret room at DNA was more that I could have wished it was. It gave off a grimy, underground feel, which is something I love to find at an event.

During the course of the evening, I followed my ears and danced the night away to pretty much every genre you can think of. With such a stacked lineup of old and new, my highlight set of the evening was Donald Glaude. He brought that funky old school-house to the main stage during the peak and wildest part of the night. The main stage was thumping with energy and people were dancing everywhere, including on the aforementioned staircases. The 4×4 house beats felt like the perfect soundtrack for the galactic theme.

Toward the end of my night, I came to a beautiful realization that broke the barrier of many different dance music genre, yet everyone was at peace, dancing together for the love of the party. I saw girls with tutus and glitter, bare footed boys with dread locks, techno fans in all black shuffling the night away, old-school ravers, baby ravers, and even a few businessmen that stumbled in from work that Friday night.

As I walked through the wonderland that So Stoked had created, I saw nothing but smiles and unity coming from all.

-Leana Armstrong