San Francisco’s Horizon Tour

by | Dec 2, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

San Francisco’s Horizon Tour is one for the books

Priding on catching as many acts I can in a span of a night, our group started out late to the show missing on Kill The Noise’s set but we were able to get a taste of Jake Stanczak when he came out later in the show. Truthfully, the parking situation was such a mess that it made me want to sell my ticket last-minute. Luckily we stuck it out and ended up having a great time.

Chad Cisneros and David Reed represented their moniker quite well, and in my opinion, Tritonal had the best set of the night. From popular choices like Getaway, Strangers, and Anchor, I was loving everything about their set. The most memorable part (and one of my favorite things about live experiences) was their remix to Zedd’s Stay in which when everyone sang in unison, it was quite something of magic. Not only was their musical journey noteworthy but their greatly colorful visuals and production lighting was just as great.

Seven Lions was nothing less than incredible. You had everything from head bangers to songs where you could wholeheartedly sing along. My husband who isn’t much into bass music, was surprised at himself for professing his enjoyment at Jeff’s whole set. One aspect I like to pay attention to in a performance is an artist’s energy on stage, and Jeff wasn’t short of it the entire set, shaking his long lion’s mane, it even felt as if he was partying alongside you.

The energy alongside the music was the perfect recipe for a great night.

Maelien Nguyen