Norcal – Beetlejuice recap

by | Nov 11, 2016 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Beetlejuice … Beetlejuice … Beetlejuice

This Halloween was a scare-tastic free for all extravaganza.  Lite Brite Productions held its 10th annual Beetlejuice event at the Country Club Lanes. Because of the magnitude of the 10th anniversary, Lite Brite’s own Tim Manas decided to host it double, double, toil and trouble style with 2-night event due to popular demand. The Skin and Bones Erotic Ball hit the lanes in a full monster mash the Saturday night, before Halloween. Although there were positive reviews, nothing compares to the grandeur of Halloween night at Beetlejuice.

As usual, the event featured bowling, arcade games, five rooms of ground quaking music, two bars (which for the first time ever, served wine), and laser tag. This was the second year using the outdoor movie theater, and it was quite popular…!!! Fans delighted in the classic Beetlejuice movie while cooling off in the crisp, October breezes…the same breezes that bring goosebumps, chills, and frights. Who knows if the wind you heard was the moan of a ghost or just your imagination.

Some of the best costumes seen were the Droogs of a Clockwork Orange, Willie Wonka and his Oompa Loompa, the inflatable Pikachu, and the Marshmello trio. Others were classic, like witches, goblins, black cats, and voodoo dolls. Every costume had a unique flare, and none were identical. Anybody who has experienced a Beetlejuice event can testify that creativity runs as rampant as the ghouls.

In the main room, upstairs, were headliners DJ Denise of Mizumo Music, and Dyloot of Skills and Deep Voices who was my highlight of the night. Hard hitting house gave way to the magical journey of trance as we were enchanted by these two radiant spirits. The visuals behind the stage were a mesmerizing, psychedelic display of faces, eyes, and kaleidoscope shapes.  It was an experience to die for…!!!

From all of us Beetlejuice veterans, we salute and congratulate Lite Brite Production on the 10th anniversary and thank you. Lite Brite changes lives for the better.

Hope y’all had a good as well Halloween…!!!

-Kevin Gamble

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