Considered by many to be the best holiday around

With Thanksgiving and Halloween behind us, some of you may look to take a long Winter holiday break away from work, but the party shall continue on.  After 6 years of success collaboration, National Entity and Stilldream Festival present their 7th annual, Jingle Your Bells to take place at the Sunrise Event Center in Sacramento, CA on December 17th, 2016.

Besides the norm, if dancing in Santa’s North Pole has been a dream of yours, this event will be very jolly and highly encourage that you bring your best holiday spirit impressions of Santa Clause, Elves, Snowman…you get the idea!  But what is a Winter without snow? Not only will this event be themed to bring your childhood back to life but snow on the dance floor to complete the magic.

Because it is the ‘Season of Giving’, you can receive a discounted admission by bringing canned food to be donated to the Sacramento Food Bank. As well, bring a gift and receive a gift where a $10 gift exchange will take place. And if you want to party like a rock star, VIP admission is highly recommended for complimentary food/drinks and backstage access to hangout with your favorite artists and local people –Terravita, Elephante, Ricky RemedyG.A.M.M.A, Atom ONE, Deimox and many more… for ticket information


Rooted in the cold mid-western state of Michigan, stars are made in L.A and making his way up the Itunes Dance Chart over The Chainsmokers, Kygo and DJ Snakes, Elephante is a name that will slowly ingrain in the minds and hearts of many EDM fans.  This L.A producer is coming into his own with a unique progressive house tunes which can be heard on his EP debut ‘I Am The Elephante’.


“Dominating the bass music scene for nearly a decade, Terravita has run the gamut when it comes to crowd-smashing, mind-melting electronic music. From the days of Drum & Bass to the era of contemporary Dubstep, Trap and everything in-between, Terravita know no limits when it comes to crafting the most staggering, bone-jarring bangers around. From their industry-leading sound-design to the razor-honed precision of their drums, Terravita are undeniable experts at their craft, and will inevitably remain so for many years to come.” –


“Grammy-Nominated producer Richard “Remedy” Duran focused his talents into music production from an early age, and began developing the sound that penetrated the heart of today’s young, amiable rave crowd in late 2013. Raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, Miami birth Remedy had a high aptitude for the creative, taking interest in photography, cinematography, graphic design, and music production. While his versatility and skills clearly paint a bright future for this young man, Remedy directed his talent towards music. Brought up listening to the varied cultural styles of his native Cuban heritage, hip hop, rap, and other genres, it was undeniable that music was an extension of his self-expression.” –