DJ Spotlight : Czechmate


Alias: Czechmate

Real Name: Natzálya Palápáčka
Hometown: Vrchlabí / Czech Republic
Profession: Button pusher
Hobbies: Making noise
Affiliations: I would prefer to list no one lol

A layer of beauty confining a raging passion for music

If you’ve seen Sacramento DJ Czechmate play in person, you’d know her energetic fun stage presence gets the crowd hyped and ready to move. You can really tell by her performances, she is confident and passionate about what she does. I got the opportunity to dig a little deeper to find out what truly motivates her to play, produce music and her plans for the near future.

At what age did music start calling to you?

I honestly can’t put an age to it because music has been my passion for as long as I can remember. My parents signed me up for a local talent show when I was 4 though, and I knew I wanted to be a performer since.

What inspired your name?

My sister had a tank top with the word Czechmate on it. I googled it and found out it was a 9mm gun. This was around the time I bought my first controller and started teaching myself how to mix, and thought, what a perfect alias!

Is there any non EDM genre of music that inspires what you play?

Absolutely, I grew up listening to a lot of dance pop and rock which urges me to throw in some oldies everybody knows the words to here and there. If I want to hear it, I have to play it!

When did you begin producing?

My first original track (which is a bit embarrassing) was posted little over year ago so I’d say it’s coming close to 2 years!

What inspires you to create and play music?

What inspires me to create and play music is the satisfaction I get from doing just that. There is nothing that can top that feeling. The amount of drive and passion I have for audio is indescribable and that’s why I continue to do what I do. I honestly can’t see myself doing anything non music related. My goals are set and my vision is clear. Haha..!!!

Photo by Elephante FB

What do you love about performing at a show?

I love to perform because it gives me a chance to not only showcase what I am capable of as a DJ but also to connect and entertain. There is nothing more satisfying, empowering and fulfilling than being on stage!

What does music mean for you?

The world? Being as musically inclined as I am, music really does mean everything to me. It’s hard to find the right words to describe the universal language we all speak and love so much.

What genre do you play, and why were you drawn to it originally? Any genres you’d like to branch out to and experiment with?

I started listening to DnB when I was about  14 years-old, then gravitated towards dubstep, big room, and house. Somewhere along that journey I discovered Melbourne Bounce and immediately fell in love. I play a mixture of Melbourne Bounce and house, however my taste in music is constantly evolving and I am more inclined to experiment now than ever. There is something magical about 100 BPM and mid-tempo that intrigues me. One of my collaborations that is currently in the works is not like anything I’ve ever done before. This track has a tropical moombahton vibe which I love, and is at 110 BPM. So different, yet refreshing. I hope people will love it as much as Toa5t and I do!

What led you to the rave scene?

Partying might have been involved. Sorry mom!

Where do you see yourself going with your music career?

I see myself growing and expanding as a record producer; definitely tapping into all different genres and experimenting with my sound. I don’t want to be defined by a genre, I want to define a genre.