Sac – We Dreamt w/ Above and Beyond

by | Nov 24, 2016 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

They came, conquered and left

On Thursday November 10th, Sacramento, CA, received a sweet treat by Midnite Events as Above and Beyond made their California stop for some time to come.  No matter the day of the week or the market size, it goes to show the magnitude of their stature as they commanded a sea of 3500+ ‘dreamers’ dancing the night away.

Walking into the venue, you were welcomed into a high-rise stage presence with a wide back wall LED screens displaying the Ajunabeats logo.  The feel of the venue was perfect which took place inside a very high ceiling warehouse that provided ample room for a perfect size production; though, Above and Beyond’s production has always been on point and not overwhelming, it has revolved around lots of music video content and the participation of the fans through lyrics and quotes.

Fortunately for me, I made the decision to go since I missed their set at EDC, and on this night, their fans came out of the woodwork and brought some love along.  For about 2 hours, their musical journey can be attested as no one wanted to leave and demanded for an encore. Many current and some classics were played such as “On My Way To Heaven“, “Thing Called Love” and Eric Prydz remix of “Personal Jesus“.

Last but not least, An Above and Beyond show would not be ‘it’ without this one element – ‘push the play button’. Some very extremely lucky fans, picked out of the crowd by Above and Beyond, received a special moment in their lives to be on stage and  press the ‘play’ button in front of 3500+ people.  What a moment! I’m certain their feelings must have been one to never forget and hypnotized by roars from the sea of many ‘dreamers’.

-Jawn Gee

CLICK for more pictures courtesy of Midnite Events  and  Aaron Chao