REZZ at the WaMu Recap

by | Oct 12, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

After throwing possibly one of the best sets at Paradiso,

REZZ announced a Seattle date for her ‘Certain Kind Of Magic’ tour. Those who were dazed by the hypnotic event at The Gorge quickly purchased tickets to the WaMu Theater was with support from new-coming artist 1788-L and AC Slater. Six thousand tickets were originally instated for the show, but it was expanded to nine thousand shortly after to eventually selling out. This was a big deal for REZZ and all of EDM as a whole, especially knowing she only made her start in 2015.

We got to the event 15 minutes before the start of and I immediately went to purchase some items at the merchant. 1788-L started the show with basic visuals that seemed to be cyberpunk themed with few cubic shapes. It seemed like a first person view of being guided through space and avoiding multiple obstacles. He mixed really well and I only have good things to say about him for someone who is just getting into the scene. Knowing his first show was LA in July, I curious to see how much more he progresses.

AC Slater was on next who I have not seen, but a couple of my friends were hyping him up. He was a steady beat of house music that had a few tones that reminded me of some sped up trap music. His visuals didn’t really stick out to me as I thought the sets before and after him kinda had him shadowed over.

Courtesy of Jeffrey Davis

REZZ’s set started with it being introduced by the tour’s title and the screen malfunctioning.

“Well that’s a great start!” REZZ exclaimed as it begun to reboot,

“This is actually kind of funny to be honest.” She continued as the crowd screamed in excitement.

The screen restarted with it saying “Do you believe in magic? A certain kind of magic?”

With the ticking of her track “Life & Death” fading in as a clock ticked in the background of the visuals with additional shots of her previous hits like “Relax”. Every lights and lasers followed the rhythm flawlessly as the BPM kept fluctuating without error. She gave new remixes of 1788-L’s “Sound of Where’d U Go” and “Pulsar Beam” as well classic remixes like Marilyn Manson’s “This is The New Shit” and the tune flip of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of”.

Some of my favorite moments had to be when she danced to her music video for “Flying Octopus” as the lasers synchronized in ways that looked like they were actually shooting forward. Seeing her new visuals for “Spider In The Moon” captivated me as the webbing wrapping around the screen slowly spun as if it were an actual web, pulling each attendant into REZZ’s spell. Not to mention her new Pagan symbols and Wiccan sigil that paraded on the screen as she played her newest hit single “Witching Hour.” Her visuals from the movie Silent Hill were on reflected on the screen as she mixed her unreleased track of the same name.

The crowd was super dense and I was aiming to meet an important friend closer to the stage before the show was over. Luckily I caught up to him right around the beginning of REZZ’s final track from her new album “Toxin” in which the entire crowd not only sang but felt the dark lyrics as they echoed across the room.

Throughout the mixture of all of the dark synth tones and lead foot beats, she announced to the crowd that Seattle was one of her biggest shows and most loyal fan base. Furthermore, she wanted to come back next year and conquer The Gorge.

This being my 5th time seeing this DJ in action, you know I’ve already been supporting her from when she first took over Showbox Sodo and I was back for her to annihilate the WaMu Theater, hypnotizing every attendant under her guise.

I will be here for when she returns to take over The Gorge and the world.

-Jeffrey Davis