Revenge Wife – Manifest

by Apr 3, 2021MUSIC, Past music

Heads up! Empowering, Anti-Capitalist Bop

A funky pop song featuring playful vocals singing of real life experience giving you a blend of comedy and hard truth is the new song Manifest from Revenge Wife; aka Elizabeth Nistico.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Nistico whom you may recognize as the former lead singer and cofounder of HOLYCHILD, she has built a name for herself with over 30 million streams on Spotify and 5 million streams on YouTube. Her new single is a direct job to self-directive speeches of manifesting success and wealth and saying ‘fuck that’ to it all.

The lyrics are playful, the singing is whimsical and the melody makes you feel like you’re in a video game. Nistico explains that the inspiration for manifest is from living in LA and feeling like she didn’t have what she wanted because she didn’t desire it in the right way. The lyrics state it all.

‘They say manifest…

Fuck that

They say to destress…

Fuck that

I don’t even know myself

How am I supposed to know what’s best’

It’s funny because it’s real and the lyrics are something that people can relate to. It’s a jab at those who fully believe in manifesting but still being broke and not having much at all, even with hard work.

Manifest will be the second single from the Revenge Wife’s collection of sad girl electro pop songs featured on the forthcoming debut EP Background Songs for your Boring Life; Part 1.