Queen of Coldharbour : Nifra


Alias: Nifra

Real Name: Nikoleta Frajkorova
Hometown:Michalovce, Slovakia
Profession: DJ/Producer
Hobbies: traveling, video games, baking
Affiliations: Coldharbour Recordings

Move over boys …

The Electronic Dance Music scene is a male dominated industry; however, occasionally there will be that one female DJ willing to go the distance and show she can play with the guys. Nifra is making her presence known by doing it with good taste and class as she’s staying true to herself. Having spoken with Nifra on a few occasions, she’s making a name for herself in this already saturated trance scene of stellar producer; never the less I was excited to really see another side of her. Her genuine personality and approachability makes her a quick fan favorite, and her dedication to perfection will have you following her for years to come.

You are dubbed the “Queen of Coldharbour,” how does that make you feel? Any extra pressure? How has the support from Markus and team been treating you?

I am the only one there besides Adina of course, When I do music and perform, I never really think about being a queen, but I am always  trying to do my best and go to my limits that I can do on a stage to entertain people. I play music that I really love which is the Coldharbour sound. They have always been supportive.

I think it is going to be three years since I have joined Schulz Music Group and my life has just turned around. I started to tour much more and they have been such a huge support. I feel

blessed to be a part of an amazing family that these people believe in me. Coldharbour family as artists, we are supporting each other. I love all these guys, they are friends and this sound is so close to me and I am just really lucky.

In the past 10 years, you went from a local talent to a worldwide phenomenon. How has the adjustment been?

It was like a long journey, so maybe I didn’t feel it that much. It wasn’t a big jump in my career, but when I joined a music group it went quite up. It has alway been my dream to be a producer and DJ, so I went for it. There were times I was doubting myself whether or not it was going to happen for me because a woman in the trance scene is not easy in this industry, because people don’t always take you seriously. So I always try my best to improve myself and I am just enjoying the moment right now

What is something you will never get use to?

I always try to sleep a lot because when your schedule is packed, you don’t get much sleep. That is something you just don’t get used to, but I try to sleep wherever and whenever I can, rather it be on the plane or car for just a few minutes [I try to sleep].

This year you have released Never Forget and Edge of Time. How has the process of producing your own music been? How much of your personal experience do you use to influence your production?

Edge of time is different from Never Forget; it is more of a style that is really banging and more upbeat progressive trance, and I always have a certain idea where I want to go with a song; sometimes I start with melodies, sometimes with the grooves and beats. For Edge of Time, I started with the beats then the melody came, and I was lucky enough to work with Seri again because Army of Lights was such a big hit; and I wanted to do it with her again.

Never forget was something totally different. I was playing in Seattle a couple of months ago and I became inspired playing a big arena show with other DJ’s, many different sounds playing and  I wanted to try something different. So I went into the studio and I started with the bass line for Never Forget. Then the melody came and I wanted to be a little more emotional because the groove is hard but I still wanted it to be emotional. So there was the melody, my personal touch.

The trance scene overall is male dominated industry, so what advice would you give female DJs trying to make their way in the scene?

First of all, sit in a studio and produce. DJing is just this one thing; a reward for all the work you do in a studio basically. Without tracks, you can’t go from your home country to travel the world. Always do your best and that is what I did. Just try to be genuine and it will happen.

You have played with some of the biggest names in trance, but who has been your biggest influence? In addition, have they given you any advice?

That is pretty obvious. Markus Schulz has been a huge influence for years. He signed my first song Ready, in 2008 on Coldharbour. So from then, the relationship started and he always supported my songs. I loved his sound and what he has been doing with Coldharbour Recordings. Always impressed me and then I released again with Dark Harbour, I wanted to combine the old Coldharbour sound with new elements, and that went well and I was asked later by the crew if I wanted to join, and obviously I was like YES! I really want to. Even today, Markus always gives me advice on production, DJ set. You can always learn from him becausehe has been in the scene forever and is definitely one of the best DJ.

Finally, if you could live by one motto, what would it be?

Do your best, because I feel if you do your best, people will see it and will respond to it.