Preview – Roger Shah Tribute to Earth LIVE at Avalon Hollywood

by | Apr 27, 2023 | EVENTS, PREVIEWS

Roger Shah is no stranger to Los Angeles,

…and just as he loves LA, the trance scene loves him right back.  And soon we will get to see his new concept for the first time in the world-famous Avalon of Hollywood on May 6, 2023.  I was able to speak to the legend and get a little more information of what the new concept, Tribute to Earth, is all about. 

Hello and thank you again Roger, are you looking forward to playing at the world-famous Avalon Hollywood on Saturday, May 6, 2023?

Hello again, always my pleasure talking to you. Yes, I’m super excited to be back at Avalon, one of my favorite clubs in the world to play and especially for this special visual show, Avalon is a perfect venue.

The show you have planned for Avalon is your Tribute to Earth show, that was debuted at Dreamstate SoCal in November 2022.  Tell the readers, what is Tribute to Earth?

Yes, I debuted it at Dreamstate SoCal with overwhelming feedback so I’m extra excited to also do my album release party in Cali. Tribute To Earth is a concept and idea coming from my heart, people who are close to me know how much I’m connected and enjoy the beauty of nature and that doesn’t count only for Magic Island related beaches. So, I wanted to do a project to show my appreciation but at the same time to raise awareness about our beautiful but fragile planet and tried to write songs about some important elements of our planet and showing beautiful images while playing these songs. As a result, we created a kind of immersive experience, I explain it as a kind of national geographic documentary style but with an emotional but also forward-thinking fresh take on uplifting trance soundtrack. I also want to take the chance to mention and thank Ambedo, she is an amazing script writer from Hollywood and worked with me on the whole project from audio to video.

How did this concept come about?

Ambedo and I brainstormed about the different themes and made a shortlist, on the top we had some of the most important elements such as Oceans or Forests (the lungs of our planet), Sun and Moon and while I started to work on music, Ambedo started to work on lyrics, then we recorded it and put everything together. We also reviewed and worked on all the images and videos together as well, so I can’t appreciate and thank her enough for all of her time and effort she put into this project and on top of that even to give her amazing storytelling vocals leading through the whole album.

How will this show differentiate from your other shows?

It differentiates by being a themed and immersive experience show with nonstop visuals for every track of the new album, so especially for Avalon i gonna play the full festival show and since I have a bit extra time I gonna keep playing for a bit longer and gonna add a few more of my regular Roger Shah tracks to end the night in style since I just enjoy when you guys are singing along to some of my classic hits, so this is for sure a very special show, even for myself, so I hope you all gonna extra enjoy it.

Besides the Avalon show, where else can fans catch this show in 2023?

I already played it at EDC Mexico and might go back to Mexico for a solo Tribute to Earth show later this year and at the moment we are looking to bring it also to other continents and we gonna announce some more, soon.

Finally, will you be in attendance at the Trance Family LA pregame before the show?

As always, I’m going to try my best to make it to your pre-game happenings, but since I just arrive that day coming from Germany I have to see if I’m not too tired, but we’ll see. In worse case I’m gonna meet you all after the show.

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