Plurrfect Rave Family’s Arctic Moon and Friends

by | Dec 21, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

A gathering of friends, family and spectacular music

After arguably the greatest trance event in 2017, many fans were facing the inevitable post rave depression. Thankfully, the team behind Plurrfect Rave Family had the best remedy: Arctic Moon and Friends at the Garage Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

The small intimate setting allowed friends to come together again and rejoice in some epic trance. Kicking off the night and making his nervous debut was Chris Chin going under the moniker of Chrischinanity. Though anxious, he delivered a solid opening set and we shall be seeing more of him.

Next was the fun mix of LA’s two finest Bakari and Carlos Arteaga back to back showcasing each other’s strengths and personalities. The duo interacted well with the crowd and the main headliner – Arctic Moon – as an appreciation of their friendship. Overall, a fun spirited set really got the crowd going.

The main event was four hours of amazing trance. Those in attendance at Dreamstate had a sneak preview of just how good Arctic Moon is. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Tomasz over the past year, he is so humble, and personable it is easy to forget how talented he is.

2017 has been busy with production hit after hit as he was not shy to play them in his extended set. The crowd was moving the entire night filled with emotions of joy.

The small venue became packed quickly as fans from everywhere poured in. A testament to both the promotional team of Plurrfect Rave Family and the stellar lineup they put out.

Hope to see you at their next event.

-Danielle Sanders