Other Days – Ghost Rider x Durs

by May 20, 2022MUSIC, Past music

Other Days – Ghost Rider x Durs

First time I heard this track Other Days, I was blown away. Progressive trance colliding with psytrance, I was hit with its powerful lyrics and message. I may be late to the game for this style of progressive psytrance but I wanted to find more and dug into it.

The message I took away from this track was about the battle with mental illness. Fighting to keep going and surviving. The music video was simple yet compelling. Maybe it is my own demons that resonated with this track, but I could not stop listening to it. The lyrics saying, “I will go off the grid, hide in my wrists, I lost the taste for my life,” I was sucked in. Having gone through many of my own battles, I was able to relate with each lyric and the melody was able to convey the emotions I was feeling. Like a portal to my mind, it evoked the feelings that we all long for in trance, and just when you are at the end, the power from the psytrance lifts you to a higher dimension.

This is a great track!

Who is this producer and DJ that for me came out of nowhere. Born in Russia and living in hailing from Israel, Ghost Rider (or Vlad Kirvoshein) is relatively new to the music world. With just about a decade from his debut EP, he has taken the progressive psytrance world by storm. Bringing bliss and euphoric melodies to new heights as he has gained in popularity. With a little more research, I was blown away to find out that this artist is also known as Magneto, and half of Class A. It is no wonder his music is perfection. Looking at his touring schedule, I am hoping to catch him somewhere in Europe this summer and with any luck maybe Dreamstate in November.

Make sure you grab your copy of Other Days, out May 27, 2022 on Voox Music Records