NYE Coundown with the Deadmau5

by | Jan 14, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Insomniac asked the question where would you be at midnight?

On 12.31.17, I celebrated the turn of a new year with a group of close friends for Insomnicac’s Countdown at the NOS Event Center for a long overdue appearance of the mouse, Deadmau5.  The event center had a magical twinkle décor and an extra VIP area for the night.

2017 has been a year for a lot of ‘first time for everything’ moments, and the Countdown was one of them as a Christmas present surprise by my boyfriend Mike.  I was extremely excited to celebrate this moment with him and as well, I finally got to see Deadmau5 for the very first time.  I know it may sound crazy with being such a veteran to the dance scene.

Our night started off with the head bangers to some Bleep Bloop b2b Tsuruda, Kai Wachi, Spag Heddy, and caught 4B at the Infinity stage to meet up with more friends; however, the

Heated tent ended up being my favorite spot of the night because some great groovy house music was being played while waiting on an epic countdown with the mouse man.

The time had finally arrived to see Deadmau5 as we all decided to stay toward the back of the Resolution stage to avoid the crowd. I could see the cube and it was amazing.  My favorite part was the Rick and Morty countdown.  I found it to be hilarious and a fun way to ring in the New Year. I was not disappointed but I would like to see him in a more intimate venue next time.

New Year’s eve comes once a year and VIP is well worth it if you can afford but in all, I was still happy with the outcome. I ended my night with W&W and left a little early to have a champagne toast with my boyfriend and friends.

I love all my rave families DC, Plurrfect, TranceFam and Team No Fucks.

And thanks to everyone who made 2017 a rad year for me.

-Renee Morales