NW – Odesza : 2018 A Moment Apart Tour recap

by | Apr 22, 2018 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

2018 A Moment Apart Tour in the Pacific Northwest

I’ve been keeping Odesza sets completely under wraps while trying to contain my excitement as the event drew closer. This time around I brought friends who have never been to a show before and explained enough of the culture to prepare them well for the event.

Taking place at the Wamu, we arrived around 7PM and upon entrance, the show started off with the opening act of Yahtzel using a collage of purple and white lights grooving with the rhythm of the soft bassy beats. I rememberwed feeling extremely relaxed as Someone Else played on and the entire crowd slowly swayed to its lyrics. There weren’t too many notable moments as the light show was kept to a minimal for the build up to the other artists, but Yahtzel absolutely killed it when it came to his music.

Getting to the event early to socialize before the crowd made the show very intimate. This turned out to be an amazing idea as my group got themselves comfortable and relatable with the surrounding people.

Lane 8 came on next playing some of his newer songs. I heard him play an upbeat version of No Captain. The crowd followed with its corral and watched the flashing strobes. He also played a heavier bass version of Atlas from his Little by Little album that got the entire crowd screaming and jumping in unison.

Courtesy of Sierra

“Do you know the story of the Russian Cosmonaut?” echoed across the room as visuals of a space station populated the screen. Lights shined through the entire crowd as the intro continued to proceed. Shortly after, snare drummers came onto the stage and built to one of the most beautiful bass drops I’d ever seen. The drop had the strobe lights dance in circles around the room as the visuals ebbed with green and blue.

Their entire set was too amazing for words to even describe. The lights, visuals and colors constantly changed as they had almost all of the original singers sing the songs off of their new A Moment Apart album. One of my favorite moments is when they played Say My Name and the visuals were pink and floral while purple lights shot back and forth. Another memorable moment is when they played Across the Room; I carried a girl on my shoulders while flames behind red lasers emerged from the stage.

As Odesza announced the end of the show, the crowd was ecstatic but we all knew better. They came back on stage only to give us more treats as Naomi Wild sang Corners Of The Earth as the lighting changed to a warm golden color. The visuals spread as lanterns across the screen as the warm colors continued to intensify.

Finally as the crowd vibed harmoniously and confetti shot throughout the room, the lyrics of the song proceeded to remind each and every one of us that “We’re Golden”.

-Jeffrey Davis