NW – New Year Resolution w/ Jeffrey – USC Events

by | Dec 16, 2016 | EVENTS, PREVIEWS

The only place to be for ringing the New Year in the Pacific Northwest!

Now that the sugar rush of Halloween and the food coma of Thanksgiving have come to an end, it’s time that we look forward to the some of the best Winter events. Luckily with Christmas and New Year’s being right around the corner, that also means that there will be a handful of shows that you’ll want to attend. Although there may be a lot of options, I would consider one of the hottest holiday parties in the Pacific Northwest: USC’s Resolution.

The Resolution tickets have only been selling for less than a month and are already so close to hitting the final tier of the ticket sales. It isn’t hard to believe because Resolution is an event that not only holds a steampunk theme but also ensures that you’ll be “dripping in gold” by the end of the night. If the theme and celebration doesn’t keen your interest just as much as you’d like then I would love to mention the lineup.

When I hear names like Adventure Club, Above & Beyond, Slushii and Tritonal; the first word that comes to mind is “SOLD!” Not only is the Resolution 2017 lineup out of this world, it also happens to be Sound Remedy’s announced final show. If you think that any of us who already bought the tickets to Resolution are going to miss hearing Sound Remedy’s remix of  “Medicine” (originally by

Daughter) be played live for the last time, then you’re delusional. This lineup alone has proven itself to be worth much more than the current $130 price tag.

So if you’d like to be dripping in gold and celebrating New Year’s the right way, then I definitely hope to be the one to press the button in front of some of you at USC’s Resolution 2017.

www.resolutionseattle.com for ticket information