NW – Are You Feeling Lucky w/ Jeffrey

by | Feb 12, 2017 | EVENTS, PREVIEWS

Just maybe you’ll be in luck for that pot of gold

Throughout the nips of cold air when walking out the cold weather, eventually we all crave something a little more suitable for our warm weathered desires. As spring comes into full bloom, so does USC EventsLucky. Lucky is a Saint Patrick’s Day themed rave with your Celtic inspired fix. The colors of green & gold and many costumes of mythical creatures should get your Irish belligerent head banging abilities ready for the absolutely filthiest bass lineup that’s in store. You know the bass cave will be jam-packed this time around with big names like – Datsik, Dr. Fresch, Knife Party, NGHTMRE and Liquid Stranger.

Although the bass lineup seems to be the strongest feature this time around, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix of house and trance featuring Bourgeous, Buku, Aly & Fila, UZ, Audien and so much more! USC Events have also been keeping a few details of the events under wraps for us sitting at the edge of our seats. There’s a special, secret headliner announcement that has people wondering just why the info of the final headliner is being held off until later. With the anticipation killing us and the spring season being well underway, it’s easy to see why ravers are excited for Lucky’s upcoming date.

Get your tickets while you still can, the first tier sold out in a mere three days meaning the hype this time around could be much larger than last year’s. I hope to see some of you whimsical creatures at USC Events’ Lucky 2017. Right next to the pot of priceless gold at the end of the rainbow!

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