NorCal – Summer Daze Heat Wave

by | Aug 6, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Turn up down the heat and bring on the blizzard

July 14th may be France Independence Day but in the 916 area code, it was just another business as usual with National Entity hosting yet another scorching event – Summer Daze – featuring Sikdope, Dion Tammer, Banvox and a special birthday set by Deimox with along some local favorites. Taking place at the California Wedding Hall, the place was so lit, hot and vibing; not even an Arctic blizzard could have turned down the heat.

Though these events are little out of my demographic, I still enjoy covering them every now and then because like most ravers, we all started young. Good thing that these shows don’t go ’till the crack of dawn because it still allows me to cover as much as possible. Though I love four-to-the-floor sound, a bass and trap fest night will do it if the DJs mix it up properly with good track programming. The music for the most part was very good with an eclectic sound of banging tracks down to some groovy more commercialize sounds which help tame down the place, because as I’ve mentioned, it was HOT!

And thank goodness for an outside area to soak in some of that Summer breeze; while Lucid Absynth was entertaining the crowd, a young chap decided to freestyle for the video (go to the 19:00 of the video). And as well, adult beverages were offered for legal intoxication as it wasn’t offered in the past at this venue.

National Entity shows are always fun filling parties that don’t break the pocket-book if you are looking for that weekend fix. And I always suggest to go the distant with VIP because who doesn’t get hungry while your body is counting down the calories.

-Jawn Gee

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