NorCal – Spring Fling Madness

by | Jun 11, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

With the highly anticipated Spring event

Midnite Events cult followers via social media were in wonders if this show was going to take place. Even then after its announcement, they were yet yearning for a line up with just about a week left till the day of. But in good faith, Midnite Events wasn’t going to skimp out as they delivered a raging night with no disappointment – 11th annual Spring Fling.

To what became a kick-start to a saturated Memorial Day event weekend, from Dreamstate to Lightning in a Bottle, the good o’ faithful came through to a night affair featuring Bingo Players, Etc!Etc!, DJ 4B, Botnek and local favorite Alexx Adam. Maybe the wait was well worth it when a virgin venue was also announced from its previous home at the MClellan Center as this event took place at the Gold Country Fairground just 20-min north of Sacramento in Auburn, Ca. As short of an announcement for the line up upon a 3-day party weekend, the turn out was not surprising as Midnite Events knows how to host a quality show with quality talents.

The place was easy to find, parking was a breeze and like many fairgrounds, there was a variety of buildings where this event could have taken place. What I love about fairground buildings are the high ceiling which provides production creativity with that warehouse ambience by keeping it ‘old skool’. And for the drinkers, a place of retreat partitioned in the far back of the building. Personally I felt they could have done it without the lasers with that stellar production staging.

I arrived there late midway through DJ 4B’s set as the place was in the midst of peaking with the telling faces. Being a veteran, I love to see partiers lost in their ways among the like-minded. After many long gruesome weeks of work or school, everyone deserves to let loose without judgment, and there was no love lost that night. Up next was the Etc! Etc! who kept up the momentum but my anticipation was for Bingo Players, and I loved it. I love the four-to-the-floor, dutchy, funky, acidy and et al. And that’s what Bingo Players brought to the table who was represented by the sole member, Maarten Hoogstraten.

For those unfamiliar, Bingo Players started as a Dutch duo where fate claimed the life of beloved member Paul Bäumer due to cancer (click for story).

In all, I’m sure the party started as well as it ended and the Gold Country Fairground is a very interesting place which offers creativity for a scalable event. I’d love to see more events take place at this venue by expanding to a multi-room festival in hope that Midnite Events will make it come to fruition for their Summer epic party – Summer Love – in just a few months away.

-Jawn Gee

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