NorCal – Slushing at Super Duper Bowl

by | Mar 5, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Coming off a very successful 2016,

Midnite Events started 2017 no other ways than it knows best with Super Duper Bowl. With a Super Bowl hangover (or a bad season for some teams such as my Niners), there were just one more raging celebration to have before the combine and draft for the sports geeks. Nonetheless for some, Super Duper Bowl was a kick-start to another highly anticipated year for parties.

On Feb. 10th, 2017, Slushii made his first Sacramento appearance as top billing to a sold out show including SayMyName and your local favorite Alexx Adam at Sacramento’s best the McClellan Center. Going into the show, social media were still wondering on the full line up as if Slushii wasn’t already worth the $25 price of admission. Though trap music wouldn’t be my first choice in musical taste, the place was off the hook, people were having fun and so was I.

Alexx Adam set up the stage well with a good mixture of progressive and trap to what was SayMyName going to be bringing to the crowd. Not being in tune with trap artists, to my satisfaction SayMyName had the place going which in my opinion had a better set than Slushii. His track selections weren’t predictable (at least to me) with a wide-ranging arrangement of trap, progressive and at time very hardcore. The energy was intense and well maintained throughout his whole set.

Did you know Slushii could sing?

Opening up his set for what sounded like an American Idol audition or R&B concert, he showed off some vocal chords like a boy band reject. Good thing it didn’t last long before the beat dropped as the crowd was going nuts. The energy picked up as he had a good half hour start but somehow never seemed to change pace until another intermission for some boy band audition. Slushii had the kind of set that is expected from an artist of his stature, very predictable with not much flare. He dropped a lot of commercial remixes, some R&B hip-hop original like Usher and classic remix of Alice DeeJay.

Though SayMyName had a better set, people were there to see Slushi and there weren’t no disappointment going around. Regardless of my objective criticism, what matter most is that people had fun. Bass heads like house heads or trance heads are becoming their own breed with their extra curricular activity of moshing. The place was so packed, damped and musty that we experienced ravers rain – condensation dripping off the ceiling.

With Midnite Events first big event in the book for 2017, they are pace for another big year as we shall be looking forward to a pollinated sneezing season for Spring Fling.

-Jawn Gee

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