NorCal – Slushii Out of Light Tour

by | Oct 24, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Out of this world trapfest

Julian Scanlan better known as Slushii, has emerged as one of EDM rising stars. Having debut his 2016 Brain Freeze album, he was back at it again for his Out of Light album tour as countless of Slushii fans were in high anticipation for his South Bay stop.

The 1.5-hour drive from Stockton to San Jose was a breeze as we got to the City National Civic at 9pm sharp. With no traffic, the parking situation was simple, and as soon as we stepped out the car, the sight of eager antsy Slushii fans was inducing an adrenaline rush; yelling and screaming “Slushii … Slushii”, we spilled out onto the street just to find the line was short, and I was relieved.

Not having been too familiar with Slushii, I had to listen to some of his productions and remixes which included a variation of electro to trap, but soon enough the long-awaited moment had arrived as I could hardly wait for my friends to make it through the door!

Once inside, the crowd wasn’t large yet, but I could feel the energy was intensifying which was a good sign that it was going to be an epic night. And with no disappointment, Slushii had the place jamming while the head bangers were on full force. I could see the whole floor was packed, and as I worked my way up to the intensity at the front of the stage, the music swept me up. A group of girls were at the front rail head banging so hard, it inspired me to follow suit.

This was Slushii, and I was loving every minute of it.

I met up with a friend to be dead smack in the midst of the crowd, and looking around me, I could see how Slushii’s music had everyone captivated. Every drop kept the crowd on full-time ‘berserkness’, and I never wanted this phenomenon to end as I stayed until the very last song.

Julian Scanlan was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, and this caused him to have limited interaction with people. It made it hard to express himself to others. Julian was also viciously bullied growing up, but fortunately now, he’s expressing through his music connecting with all of his fans.

I am now one of his biggest fans.

-John Thao