NorCal – Sacramento’s Kreep Show Tour Stop

by | Oct 15, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Spooktastic affair at The Kreep Show Tour

On Friday Oct. 6th, the highly coveted Kreep Show Tour made a Sacramento stop thanks to National Entity and Nightshade who put together one hell of a banging event to date featuring Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Figure, along with some of Sacramento favorite locals.

Taking place at the California Wedding Hall, I have been partying at this venue for quite some time since Animalistik; however, this event brought a different flare with a strong focus on some dirty grimy dubstep.

This event was a night of nothing but pure positive vibes and everyone was embracing one another while the bass kicked it up as Figure was on stage. Incorporating some horror sounds, he mixed it well with his high energy builds to intense rush as the set poured over a dubstep overture. As all things were firing well, the crowd was feeding off the energy and Midnight Tyrannosaurus trap set had the heads banging well into the night.

Some other notable set were by Czechmate who is always animated, engaging and set the tone well for the rest of the night with her melbourne

house sound with a flair of dubstep. She kept the crowd fired up as they were listening in jubilation to her set.

Sadly, I wished that I could have heard everyone’s work, as they all put their hearts and souls into this show. But I was able to check out the outside area being represented by some cool local artists.

With the good comes with bad, and the bathroom situation was very ugly; and as well an ambulance truck had been called onto the scene as I was leaving at the time.

Nevertheless, I still had my fun of dancing and didn’t let anything discourage me. Everyone was there for a good time no matter the situation.

The music, dancing and raging was a night to remember. Just make sure you use the bathroom before you leave home.

-Mychael Jones