NorCal – Fun time at May Day

by | Jun 4, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

What better way for Sacramentans to kick off Spring 2017

After a couple of years of attending the popular 4-part installment series of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, Eternal Events decided to change things up for 2017 presenting May Day to kick off a new series of banging events. This time with a new venue in Sacramento, Eternal brought massive Void Sound System banged out by favorite local talents and headliner Brian Brotano out of Chicago.

Entering the venue, the lasers, music and smiling faces were on display. I caught the last part of Krillin’s DnB set as Lucid Absynth came on next with his dirty dubs and traps. Local talents were definitely showcasing their potentials such as K2 who was engaging well with the crowd and was really feeling the vibe. Czechmate is always amazing playing some big room house with her killer stage presence while dancing around and hyping up the crowd.

Photo courtesy of Miss Pixel

Alexx Adam, a well-known NorCal favorite, brought a much harder vibe with that bass trap/dubstep sound, though he’s known to play a more progressive high energy house set. On this night, he definitely brought down the house. I remembered him playing a remix of an old Fall Out Boy song, and those throwback songs always hit you right in the feels. Brian Brotano came on stage complete in his Rhine stone studded jacket, gold chains, flowing blonde hair and sunglasses as the crowd rocked out to his techno set.

Since I’m a photographer, sometime I’m usually somewhat detached from the party experience observing and keeping an eye out for those moments. Such as these few girls desiring for a photo-op who were so happy about it, they gave me some kandis and it was really sweet. I usually don’t dance either while working, but as the night eased out, I met some really cool people who I actually did dance with for a change and I was a part of the vibe instead of just capturing it which felt really beautiful.

To close out the night was G.A.M.M.A and Atom O.N.E. It’s always really great to see them play together, plus I haven’t seen Atom play in a long time since he’s always busy hosting his own events, reminds me of when I first entered the scene just a few years ago.

Overall I left feeling really positive knowing I had captured the night and connected with a few really awesome people while sharing some good vibes with. Always reminiscing of my first time hanging out with some baby ravers.

May Day (aka Peace) and the PLUR series is always something to look forward every year in the Sacramento EDM scene. So if you happen to be in the 916 area, come check it out!

See you at Sweet Escape…!!!

-Marissa Tinsley