NorCal – Frosty w/ Jack Frost in the 209

by | Mar 1, 2017 | EVENTS, REVIEWS

Twenty plus years in the dance scene and never partied in my very hometown Stockton, CA.

I know the city gets a bad rep, but there are people in the dancing community who believe it can prosper from its love for the music. On Feb. 4th, 2017, UniQ State did just that with Jack Frost. Held off the marina minutes away from the heart of the city, this event took place inside the Windmill Cove Bar & Grill, a two-story bar overlooking the San Joaquin River. The drive there wasn’t pleasant (especially with some pregame) but well worth it once you arrived. It reminded me some of the bar places like Ceasar Chavez Palace off Army & Mission Street during the SF hay days.

For its size of about 300 partiers, this lo-key party offered an intimate setting, with good vibe and cheap ass drinks. You can’t beat 3 shots plus tips for under $20. Three dancing area was offered which included a silent disco and a smaller room downstairs while the madness was happening upstairs. The place was lit and the music good, not even Jack Frost himself would have been able to tame down the heat inside the Windmill Cove Marina as your local favorites Gamma, Atom-One and company, along with headliner Joyzu put down some serious beats in the 209 area code.

Outside of the venue, lays an open grassy area with a stage setup ready for some massive production. From a little chit-chat with the promoter, the marina offers a cool, chill and relaxing summer time event which can be seen in the video below.

I normally don’t stay very long at smaller events at my age. I take in the vibe, get tipsy, dance a little and off I go. Because I hate wasting long drive, that night I took in more than expected which was fine and dandy.

As I usually contemplate on places to party, it was a good night for me there. I wish the downstair volume wasn’t so high which made it hard to hangout long enough to truly enjoy the music. None the less, I had a very good time thanks to Jeff and company for this night.

-Jawn Gee

Pictures courtesy of Miss Pixel